What to Bring

Everything you need will be supplied
but here are some things that could
make your day even better!

1. An Easel: This can be used to support your drawing surface and is recom-
-mended. Having an easel allows you to focus more on what you are drawing and less on holding your paper. Chairs and a drawing support will still be supplied for anyone without an easel.
2. Drawing Support: There will be drawing supports supplied, but if you have a favorite that you are used to, bring it along.
3. A Friend: It's always more fun to draw with a friend!
What to Expect

•There will be 2–3 live models to draw from, both male and female. We have a large auditorium to work in, and everyone will have plenty of space.
•There will be an array of skill levels present– beginners, intermediate, and some experienced– but above all it will be a friendly atmosphere of encouragement, especially for those that have never drawn before!
•We will start the day with an introduction of our chosen drawing materials and a demo on how to prime our paper. Then a demo on how to use the materials by showing the simple steps that can be taken to slowly refine a drawing further and further.
•We will have a most lovely time.
When and Where

We will officially start the workshop at
10:00AM but it's best for you to get here around 9:00. It will give you time to set up, chat, and get some coffee/tea/snacks. We will take a one hour lunch break around noon and draw until 7:00PM!
Location: The workshop will be held in the Marshall High Studios
115 Blannahassett Island

This is a 25-35 minute drive from downtown Asheville. Below is a link to
Google Maps
Food: You can bring your own lunch or get some delicious eats from either Good Stuff, Zuma or Sweet Monkey, three local restaurants.
See You!

Once I've joined, is there anything I can do to prepare?

You should feel comfortable coming to the workshop
with no prior practice, but if you would like to get some
drawing time in beforehand, I've made a short video
that highlights several important techniques.
You may watch or download this for free, it is yours!